Why visit Sauraha

Well, as you visit Nepal, a Himalayan kingdom, you will naturally be in the lap of snowy mountains of fabulous value. But your visit to Nepal will only be complete when you visit Sauraha. Then you may ask, what is special in Sauraha that makes the visit Nepal incomplete unless we do that? Well, See..

1. Have you been on elephant back and enter the dense forest? If not, you will get an excellent chance to sit on the back of a huge mammal, which is interesting as well as exciting (sometimes dangerous too ….!)

2. Have you been in front of a one horned rhinoceros? A dangerous wild beast that can lick with ever rough tongue or knock with sharp horn on its nose. If no, You will get the chance to be as close as your friends, with hundred percent safe on elephant back when you visit Sauraha.

3. So many times you have heard and seen tiger, the nature’s finest animal through different media. You will see them coming across your walking route in the jungle. What can you do if it comes in front of you? Well, humans are helpless in front of a tiger. Can do nothing. Climb a tree? Ok, better try. But you can enjoy the beast in its natural habitat when you take a safe elephant safari ride into the jungle when you visit Sauraha in your next holiday in Nepal.

4. You may have heard of crocodiles that if gets hold within its giant jaws, it can even stitch and sallow bigger animals. Yes, you will sail on a local wooden dhow (boat) and view them on their natural habitat-river. Don’t be afraid, our nature guides will take you safe.

5. Have you ever seen a peacock dance in the jungle? Well, make your camera ready and hold your breath. Waw…….! You may not believe your eyes. Peacock dancing with its wings spread wide, in the jungle at its natural habitat.

6. You have seen orchestra in the modern halls so many times with so many advanced musical instruments. You will first time see how an ethnic tribe perform cultural dance with a local wooden drum and stick dance. You will see how the tribe protect their lives from wild beasts with mere sticks.

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